An example of a family-friendly beauty product ideal for daily handwashing is eeny meeny's Hypoallergenic Prebiotic Soap, which strengthens the skin's natural protective layer, reduces the uncomfortable feeling of tightness, and restores the proper skin microbiome. Another pearl among liquid soaps is Make Me Bio, designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin. Cosmetics are rich in beneficial ingredients that nourish, moisturize, regenerate and protect the skin from moisture loss. This is a real nutritional bomb for our hands! We also have something for aloe vera lovers - a product with very moisturizing properties! Equilibra hand gel based on aloe vera and glycerin gently cleanses, while strongly moisturizing and restoring the natural balance of the skin of the hands!

Antibacterial soap
During the pandemic, we pay special attention to hand hygiene. And right! Unfortunately, the frequent use of disinfectants dries out the skin of the hands. At home, it is recommended to wash your hands with natural antibacterial and antiseptic agents. Therefore, instead of another dose of disinfectant for everyday handwashing, Aleppo soap, black soap or gray soap is perfect. However, we advise you to make sure that when choosing a soap, it contains moisturizing and lubricating agents, such as olive oil, linseed or wheat extract, which will reduce the drying effect of the alkaline pH of the soap.

After washing your hands, dry them thoroughly with a towel. Wet hands not only carry bacteria and viruses faster and easier, but the epidermis also dries out faster. If you want to avoid painful cracks and dry skin, never go out into the cold with wet hands! Also, be sure to dry your hands when they sweat from the foil gloves that are worn so often during the pandemic, for example, in the store or on public transport.

2. Hand Cream – the basis of hand skin care
Hand skin requires special attention during care due to the small number of sebaceous glands that form its protective lipid membrane. For this reason, the skin of the hands should be additionally protected from the effects of adverse external factors, including weather conditions. Hand Cream – a basic product, the task of which is not only to create a protective occlusive layer, but also to moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin of the hands. Only regular use of hand cream will ensure a clear and long-term effect.

Which creams to use?
On frosty days, you should choose creams with a richer texture, for example, Eveline Cosmetics cream or Samarité lotion. Products, examples of which are given above, effectively protect the epidermis from frost and wind, strongly moisturize, regenerate, nourish, soothe irritations and reduce calluses. An additional advantage of these cosmetics is their versatility – they are also great as a cream for the whole body, including the face. In addition, cosmetics can also be used to care for hands at night. It is enough to apply the product to the skin and put on cotton gloves. In this case, Lynia oil, rich in healthy fats, is also great. This is a real salvation for chapped and dry hands!

For everyday home skin care, you can use lighter creams that do not leave a greasy film on your hands, and therefore on the keyboard or furniture. Deeply regenerating and restoring damaged hand skin, intensively moisturizing and highly nourishing creams are especially recommended for the winter season.

In the composition of cosmetics, look for substances with an occlusive effect, i.е. protecting the skin from water loss and retaining moisture inside. You can find them, for example, in vegetable fats (eg avocado oil) and oils (eg shea butter, cocoa butter). Also, pay attention to whether the hand cream is rich in moisturizers — water-binding substances, such as glycerol, urea, hyaluronic acid or lactic acid. Good cosmetics for winter should also contain ingredients that soothe irritations and regenerate, such as panthenol, honey, chamomile extract.

Apply hand cream after every hand wash.
If you forget to use hand cream regularly, place a few tubes of cosmetic product in different places around the house (for example, in the bathroom - next to washbasin, in the kitchen - near the sink, on the bedside table and on the shelf). in the living room), and also to carry in your purse.
Before going out into the cold, apply a little cream, and then put on gloves. Once-frozen hands are prone to irritation.
3. Home spa for hands – a recipe for effective regeneration
If you want to give yourself a little luxury, arrange a spa at home! Your hands will thank you for it!

Start your care with a deep cleansing of the skin of your hands using peeling. You can cook it yourself from

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